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Скачать [Saniti] Saniti FumeFX 4.0.5 Max2013-2017 + 4.0.6 MAX2016-2017


Дек 12, 2019
Автор: Saniti
Название: Saniti FumeFX 4.0.5 Max2013-2017 + 4.0.6 MAX2016-2017


FumeFX 4.0 offers many new features that help simulations to run faster and with more detail.
The new FumeFX 4.0 QCG solver is up to twice as fast as the CG solver found in FumeFX 3.0. Along with other simulation optimizations, FumeFX 4.0 can complete simulation faster than any previous version of FumeFX.
New vorticity type has additional control over vortices which helps user to fine tune the final result. The highly optimized Spline Follow force field allows various special effects that were impossible before.
Built-in Black-body radiation shader and new burning model that includes Oxygen are powerful tools for achieving realistic fire and explosion animations. Sharpening at render-time will bring out maximum possible detail from your existing caches. Fully multithreaded cache pre-processing at render time will result in significant time savings across the render farm.
Features such as faster solver, advanced vorticity, new burning model, smoke and fire sharpening at render time, fields sharpening at simulation time, improved caches handling and many other will allow users to create more detailed simulations in less time.