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Дек 12, 2019
Автор: Greater than Gatsby
Название: Innocence collection (экшны для обработки и ретуши)


One of the best selling Photoshop Action sets of all time, with over 50,000 photographers around the world relying on it, The Innocence Collection was created to be the ultimate child portrait action set. This three-part collection contains 230 actions, streamlines & enhances your workflow and adds a clean yet creative flair unmatched by any other set on the market.

The Innocence II encapsulates the editing techniques that Sandra and I have perfected since the original release. This set has 6 new Color Bases, 28 new Artistic Tones and numerous mind-blowing enhancements. The star of this set is our Velveteen Finishing Touches, but we know you’ll also love our Botanical Blends, Fix-The-Green Brushes and Sun-Drenched Vignettes. The result is an amazing new independent action set that is designed to work in partnership with the original collection.

*The original release included both The Innocence Retouch and The Innocence I.

The Innocence Retouch set is a vital part of the editing process because it contains skin correctors, skin smoothers and facial feature enhancers. Our retouch actions are specifically designed to correct and perfect all types of skin tones, smooth skin while retaining detail and enhance facial features without over-editing.

The Innocence I is famous for it’s creative color bases and dramatic artistic toning. Customers love this set because it’s extremely versatile, works with all types of photography and gives you the flexibility to make your portraits clean and polished or creative and dynamic.

  • 50 Innocence Retouch Actions
  • 95 Innocence I Actions
  • Actions Easily Modified and Customized
  • Easy-To-Follow Explanations and Guides Built Within Each Action
  • Files for Photoshop CS2-CS6, Creative Cloud (CC), and Elements 11-15 Included
  • Fully Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Detailed Installation Instructions Included
  • International Orders Accepted
Это мощный сборник экшнов для обработки и ретуши фотографий